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This is the Brazilians most traditional flavor, it’s the one everybody knows since childhood, the original Brigadeiro made with cacau powder, chocolate and condensed milk!


One of our top sellers Brigadeiro. It's the finest quality Belgian 70% dark chocolate in a bite size and covered with dark belgian chocolate sprinkles.


Somedays we just need a little color to cheer up. Why not with a delicious traditional Brigadeiro covered with colorful sprinkles to bright up the day with a special crunch in every bite!


If you are a white chocolate lover, this is your type of brigadeiro! Creamy Belgian chocolate brigadeiro, covered with white chocolate sprinkles that make the crunch a little more special! 


For those who just can't get enough of fine and good chocolate. This is our belgian milk chocolate Brigadeiro covered with belgian chocolate sprinkles! Yes, and it is chocolate, not those sugar things. 


Yes, it's true! We combined the most famous brazilian drink and dessert and transformed in this unique Brigadeiro with a touch of lime and a drop of cachaça that will take you direct to any samba in Brazil!

Belgian almond

One of our special Brigadeiros, made with Belgian Milk Chocolate covered with smashed almonds to give that extra crunch and flavor!


A big hit with the Americans, the Pistachio Brigadeiro made with natural pistachio flour, covered with pistachio crumbs it’s Unbelievably good!  


Mostly known as "beijinho" this Brigadeiro has lots of coconut in it! Basically its a white Brigadeiro filled and covered with fresh coconut flakes

churros w/ dulce de leche

A delicious cinammon and chocolate Brigadeiro filled with dulce de leche and covered with cinnamon and sugar.

Crème brûlée

This is our fancy Brigadeiro - so good and unique, creme brûlée, the tradicional french dessert got the brigadeiro touch and its just like heaven in one bite! Made with fresh organic vanilla beans.

powder milk 

A white chocolate Brigadeiro with our traditional powder milk from childhood! So many memories in one bite!


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